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Rystet serielederen i en time

26 jun 2015

written by Black River Park

8. serierunde 4. divisjon

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avd. 2 – Black River Park

Ridabu IL – Løten FK 3-7 (2-2)

1-1 Ben Frogner

2-1 David Arnesen

3-5 Marius Byenstuen

Ridabu (4-2-3-1): Alexander Jensen – Olav Kristiansen, Leo Mathias Brenden, Andreas Busterud, David Arnesen –

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Ben Frogner, Mikkel Brandsnes – Åsmund Jødahl, David Stoltenborg, Marius Byenstuen – Christoffer Pettersbakken.

Jacob Spencer Gunasekara, Christopher Dagslott Nalum, Espen Arnesen, Trym Guttormsen, Endre Palfi Barmoen og Fredrik Ottestad spilte også.

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